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As the concerns regarding the Coronavirus continue, we are choosing to take this opportunity to be cautious as we host public gatherings. We are cooperating with the New London County community initiative and we are asking people who join us on our campus to kindly wear masks and sanitize upon entry. We are strongly motivated by love to do what we can to cultivate a safe environment for our church family and guests.


No Worries - We're Online!

For those who may be feeling sick or simply choosing to stay home, we encourage to stay connected. You are welcome to join our livestream on facebook.com/gracehousegroton or youtube.com. Our messages are posted weekly on our Messages page and in the Podcast appWe have in person small groups and our online small groups available to you through the Zoom app. Think of it like sharing a FaceTime conversation with a group of people where a designated leader brings direction. If you’re interested in participating in our online small groups, contact the office at office@gracehouse.church.


The Kingdom of God at Grace House continues to forcefully advance and may you find our family to be a place where you can belong!

Introducing a captivating new book from our former Lead Pastor!

"God in your Garden" reveals the opportunity of a lifetime: God is eagerly waiting to live your life together with you—right where you are! You can know and experience God in the unique setting where you live, in a way few ever imagined possible. Exploring various scenes from the original "Garden of Eden" story, this book brings to life your individual living-space God designed for you and where He chooses to do life together with you

Experience Life and Family as God Designed

Sons and daughters are thriving in relationship with their God at Grace House.

People are hearing the voice of God for the first time. Chains of religion are breaking off. God's people are encountering relationship as He originally designed it - walking with Him in our Kingdom identities!

Come join us