Our Heart

Here at Grace House, we consider this place our home. It's a place of belonging. We're among family here.

We are blown away by the grace and community that God has been establishing. We have an incredibly rich heritage of sons and daughters walking with their God and look to continue that as we equip the next generations for relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Whether you're a guest, traveler, or someone looking for home, come visit us.

Let relationship with God change your life.


We are champions of the grace of God, with the full expectation that grace is the greatest catalyst for change known to man.

We live on the right side of the cross knowing that, 2,000 years ago, Jesus declared, “It is finished!” We believe that God is no longer holding people’s sins against them, and we are free to walk in the full expression of everything God created us to be.

Our vision and passion is for people to discover their true identity in Christ once and for all to escape the clutches of the Identity Thief.


At Grace House, we equip sons and daughters to recognize the voice of their Heavenly Father and to walk in their Kingdom identities.

Identity over labels.

Grace over performance.

Relationship over religion.


The culture of Grace House, quite simply, is the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven. The list below describes the values and characteristics of our culture:

  • Know Identity

  • Be Voice-activated

  • Interact with Heaven

  • Live in intimacy

  • Live by the Spirit

  • Live supernaturally

  • Live as Family